Lack of Lighting causing problems for Students and Faculty


Josh Bridges

The Broadside


Students who  have to navigate to their cars with the absence of light in campus parking lots has been problematic for some students at night, particularly the gravel lot located above the Ochoco building.

“My opinion about COCC is not very good right now…at least the parking lots and the lighting” explained Jaima Northup. “Two weeks ago I stepped off the path and twisted my knee… Do they [COCC] need a lawsuit before they get the lights fixed? “

Students and teachers parking, or planning on parking at night, in the upper gravel lot above Ochoco building should  be aware  that the entrance is steep; it has pot holes, but most importantly there are no lights.

The Campus Safety’s Incident Crime log shows no car thefts or burglaries have occurred on campus parking lots in the in the 2008 through 2009 year.

“There is a light burnt out at Modoc” explained Vonni Hofferber, “and it’s a little hard to see.”  Many lights are scattered throughout campus at night; still though, people might be alarmed by the inability to see when lights burn out. The parking lot located below Deschutes is not lighted at 7:00pm.

“If outdoor lights in front of OSU Cascades Campus are not working then that is of concern.” said Robert McDilda of Campus Safety. OSU Cascades campus parking lot lights shut off at 10:30pm according to the warning sign posted in the back of the building.

“We have 6000 lights, which one is burnt out?” said Sarah from campus services, who also explained that the technician for the lights is on vacation.

Campus Safety takes and reports incidents and crimes on campus. Students can call the service and report any lighting issues.

Campus lights may bother homeowners in the evening if they see them. Campus shuttle driver, Carol Elwood explained, “Some homeowners living near the college have complained about the lights being on after dark.

A homeowner who lives next to the college said that she “could not see campus lights from her house.”

As the winter approaches, students and staff may want to carry flashlights and watch their step as they navigate stairs and parking lots.

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  1. “Some homeowners living near the college have complained about the lights being on after dark.”

    Whaaat? Isn’t that when lights are ~supposed~ to be on? What an absolutely ridiculous complaint!


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