Disk golf course returns after fire season, but has uncertain future due to construction


Callie Froese
The Broadside

Baskets from the disk golf course sitting unused next to the COCC track while the course was closed due to the fire season. The course has since reopened.

The disc golf course at Central Oregon Community College is currently located behind the library parking lot. Over the past few weeks there has been construction around the area raising questions about the future of the course.

Gordon Price, director of student life explained that the disc golf course is currently closed due to the high fire danger. The course has been closed off and on because of construction. The school has had issues with smoking, drinking and garbage on the course. For the 2010-2011 year, the course will re-open but it will be altered and moved slightly.


Bill Douglass, director of sports and recreation wrote in an email that COCC made the decision to reopen the disc golf course on Oct. 2. The first tee box and the ninth hole will be moved as a result of the construction of a new campus parking lot and the rest of the course will be updated with new tees and markers.

“I think the updating of the course will make the course more inviting to the students of COCC and OSU Cascades,” said Price.

The school will continue to review plans for the course next summer with future campus construction projects in mind.

“I think it’s great that they are expanding and growing, but they need to make sure that they keep a course on campus or near campus,” said Jackie Hansmann,an OSU Cascades student.

“We invite all students to come out and enjoy the course starting October 2nd. Discs can be checked out to students from the Mazama Equipment Room or purchased at the COCC Bookstore,”said Douglass.

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