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Tobey Veenstra

The Broadside

L to R: Sean Rule, Kevin Multop, Gordon Price

During this year’s All Staff Retreat at Central Oregon Community College, attendants were treated to a high-energy performance by FnA, faculty and administration, a band made up of various faculty and administrative members from COCC.

The members are Gordon Price, director of student life, (vocals), Tom Barry, sociology professor, and Aimee Metcalf, director of admissions and records, (lead and rhythm guitar, respectively), Kevin Multop, director of Financial Aid, (bass guitar), and Sean Rule, mathematics professor, (drums).

The band played for 30 minutes during the retreat’s lunch, performing covers of such classics as The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me,” The Ramones’ “Sheena is a Punkrocker,” “ Blitzkrieg Bop,” “ I Wanna be Sedated,” and Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.”

FnA also took requests from crowd members, who yelled out band names in between songs.

“The Kinks? How about The Ramones?” responded Price to a request, before re-playing “Blitzkrieg Bop.”

The All Staff Retreat, which was held Sept. 9, is an annual opportunity for COCC’s faculty, staff, and administration members to meet and interact with each other, as well as listen to announcements and state-of-the-college addresses, and participate in community-developing workshops.

Many of the retreat’s attendants were spotted wearing FnA’s t-shirts, stating “I Heart FnA,” including Jim Middleton, COCC’s president.

T-shirts were available for sale during the band’s performance.

As a grand finale, the band played “Anarchy in the UK,” by popular request, after several professors in the crowd yelled out, “Sex Pistols!”

Rule sung/screamed the song after switching from the drums to the microphone.

Rule announced, before belting out the opening verse’s shrieks, “This is the part everyone regrets sticking around for.”

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