ASCOCC stays active during summer term


Council plans events throughout the summer term in response to record enrollment, and prepares for next year’s changes.

Tobey Veenstra
The Broadside

Summer has begun but the student enrollment at Central Oregon Community College this term is at a record high. It is for that reason the student government is continuing to put on student activities and events.
The Associated Students of COCC have already held a free bowling night on Aug. 5, as well as separate events providing students with tickets for the Deschutes County Fair and the Bend Elks baseball game.
“I think we‘ve been more active this summer than any summer in the past,” said Dustin Moore, the projects coordinator for ASCOCC. “And that’s mostly because of the enrollment.”
Along with putting on activities and events, ASCOCC is also facing several changes for the summer and fall terms. The new student government general council will start work in fall term.
Moore will be a member of the general council when he switches to events coordinator after summer term.
“It‘s gonna be a transition,” said Moore about working with the new members of the council next term.
The two new members of the general council will be Travis Peden and John MacAulay.
Another change is the new advisor for ASCOCC. On Aug. 2, Taran Underdal officially replaced Gordon Price as the student government’s advisor.
“I think the future of ASCOCC look s good with the continuation of their (the current members’) leadership,” said Underdal. “And the mix with the new faces should help.”
Underdal was previously employed as COCC’s admissions advisor and recruiter.
“Right now I‘m just trying to be in the loop and helping to mitigate things,” said Underdal.
However, ASCOCC has not been able to guarantee all of their scheduled events this summer. ASCOCC cancelled a free camping trip for COCC students, scheduled for Aug 13 through 15.
“We were gonna have camping but we had to cancel that,” said Moore. “Every campsite we wanted was booked till late September or early October.”
The next event ASCOCC has scheduled is the Lunch in the Quad, a free barbecue located between the Jefferson and Deschutes buildings for COCC’s summer term students. For more information, call 541-383-7595.

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