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Movie Review: Dream Result follows world-record kayaker

Record-holding kayaker pushes new limits

Kevin Ludwig

The Broadside

In the spring of 2009 a professional kayaker achieved his dream by falling one hundred eighty six feet off Palouse Falls in Eastern Washington. For Tyler Bradt, 24, accelerating to 100mph in less than 3.5 seconds is good fun while achieving his second World Record.

Words cannot describe the images as onboard cameras, and multiple viewpoints captured the moment. Bradt is currently experiencing freedom and a surge of adrenalin as his film Dream Result premieres across the country. Along with Co-Filmmaker Rush Sturgis, this pair of fun loving river hounds hosted a party in Downtown Bend at The Summit Saloon.

Kayakers on hand were talking favorite local and international rivers as the snow begins to melt into spring. The film features dropping of spectacular waterfalls or series of three waterfalls and standing waves that make your jaw drop.

After the movie Bradt explained, “It’s not how you’re going to die, its how you’re going to live.”In the film two friends attempt a whitewater section on an “Inflatable Sofa”. There laughter and joy while being in control convinced me these kayakers knew how to live.

The soundtrack is perfectly blended with music, white water, and travel commentary to keep the audience stoked on summer ahead. High-resolution digital cameras captured beautiful rock canyons, lush valleys, and unfamiliar wildlife and wilderness. For me Dream Result was the “That’s it, that’s all” of river action sports.

These kayakers describe themselves as “nomads and wonderers”. They travel in crews to Quebec, Norway and Iceland in pursuit of new river explorations. Staying warm in dry suits, these pioneers of riversurfing keep viewers eyes open wide. Riding 10k cubic feet per second standing waves on the river is no leisure sport.

The trailer available on youtube is a great way to spend your 15 minutes between lectures. Purchase the DVD at

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  1. There are some great ways to live out your life….skydiving is one, kayaking is another. I have yet to do the latter to the extent that Mr. Bradt has, but I hope to someday. That being said, I’m betting skydiving is better…


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