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Elections are upon us, time for change

ASCOCC needs fresh faces and term limits

Don Iler
The Broadside

This newspaper called for real term limits to be written in the new constitution, as did other students, but was ignored. This election brings forward the need for them as we once again see a student government election with all the familiar faces.

The current constitution allows students to serve on the council in every position for two years, which would allow members to serve on student government for 12 years total. What is needed is for students to not be allowed to serve more than two years. Our student government needs change and it needs new voices.

Real term limits are necessary to prevent student government members from becoming too entrenched. When members become entrenched, they can stifle new ideas, and use their tenure and position to manipulate the situation to their favor.

This is starting to become the case. Members of student government at a community college shouldn’t be serving for more than three years. The student body needs new ideas and voices. New student leaders need to be provided the opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills.

Instead this election is providing us more of the same. Brenda Pierce has already served for three years and is running for her fourth term. Terry Link is running for his third term, as is Matt Coito. Our student body needs new leaders, and we need a method to prevent individuals from taking permanent control of the council.

If you want more of the same and are alright with the status quo, by all means, continue to vote the same three individuals into office. But, if you would like to see some change and some new faces in power, examine the candidates well, ask questions and vote for someone new.

And in the future, any student government should institute term limits. They help students learn leadership skills and provide fresh faces and voices.

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