Editorial endorsing a vote of NO on the new ASCOCC constitution raises concern (letters to the editor)


Unethical tactics

The question I want to see inves­tigated is the e-mail “blast” sent by Brenda Pierce on Saturday May 8th 2010 at 7:00PM. She seems like a qualified candidate but I feel her use of ASCOCC resources to campaign may be unethical. The white house staff cannot legally use the peoples re­sources for political gain, and I feel it is discouraging of student body partici­pation for the marketing coordinator of ASCOCC to campaign for a position using the “offices” resources. One of your points against the new constitu­tion is term limits, and this case is just another example of a grab and hold on power. Using our resources against her opponents is fine until you realize that her opponents by definition has to be ONE OF US!!

Jeffery Jensen


A differing view

Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for your comment about this and bringing it to the attention of The Broadside so I have the opportu­nity to respond. No, I did not use any ASCOCC resources to send out an email. I did not use any “lists” from anything that I may have access to that a typical student would not have equal access to. I did not use the “of­fices” resources. I know better than to do that.

However, college faculty and staff have used those resources you speak of to promote specific candidates in this election. I think there is a huge difference when I as a student ask for another students vote compared to a faculty or staff member who uses their email lists of students in their classes (or employees) to campaign for specific students. I as a student am not in a position of coercion (I do not grade those students or employ them).

Thanks again for the opportunity for clarification.

Brenda Pierce


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