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Super Burrito expands to eastside

William James
The Broadside

A big change, and perhaps one that COCC students will be happy to hear about, is happening with a popular restaurant here in Bend. El Super Burrito III opened its doors at the new location on 2100 NE Highway 20 in Bend on the first of April. Those that frequented the former A&W Restaurant will recognize the building, near the area’s Costco.

They may also recognize the friendly manager of the new store, Gamaliel Venegas, as he formerly worked with the only other Super Burrito store in Bend and did so for 13 years. However, Venegas has decided to take a new approach with his restaurant. For the next four weeks, Super Burrito (north) will be offering a 25-cent discount on food to college and high school students. “Students came to the other Super Burrito all the time and were a big source of business,” Venegas said in a recent interview, “So, that’s where I got the idea.”

Venegas went on to explain that the discount requires students that want to participate to show their student identification cards with their purchase, and that right now this experiment is just that—an experiment.

“If more people come, I might make the discount 50 cents or more than that,” He said. “I might put the discount on more stuff. It all depends on how popular it is.”

Venegas’ ultimate goal is to make sure Super Burrito stays in the area it is at for a long time, and to eventually expand the store to accommodate more customers. With his new discount and accessible area, Venegas may very well accomplish this feat and succeed in making Super Burrito far more popular than it has ever been.

El Super Burrito III is located on 2100 NE Highway 20 in Bend. Bring your student ID card to take advantage of the student discount.

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