Rowdy moshing and bloodshed made attendees exit show early


Lucinda Mann

The Broadside

Another show at the Domino Room made up of six home-grown punk bands was held on March 20. This show was open to all ages and the bar was open upstairs. Unlike many shows that have been held at the Domino Room, this one had an interesting twist to it towards the end when the crowd got rowdy.

The lights at the Domino Room twisted about, shedding green and blue lights on the opening band “Capture The Flag.” The band worked the stage as they played intricate guitar riffs and drum lines. The audience formed a mosh pit and kids spun and kicked about while “Capture The Flag” played a cover song “Umbrella” by Rihanna. They added their own touch to the song by screaming and adding some mad breakdowns on the guitar.

After “Capture The Flag” was “Alley Brewed.” The band setup the stage as the over 21 crowd filed into the upstairs bar and hung over the guard rail while watching intently. The lights turned from green and blue to red and back to blue, casting shadows on the band members faces. Kids screamed and shoved one another aggressively while waiting for “Alley Brewed” to bust out with their first song. The crowd got fired up as the band opened with a drum line followed by a grungy guitar riff that had kids ready for a night of moshing.

“Caustic Soda” was the third band in the lineup. The lights were shut off as they set up and when the drums began the lights flickered on while alternating all colors of the rainbow. The audience screamed with amazement when the lead guitarist jumped into the air as they played their songs.

“The Burdens” followed and more kids filled the Domino Room floor, while making the mosh pit bigger. Foot lights on the stage light up the faces of the band members as they opened with a guitar riff followed by a breakdown on the drums shortly after.

“The Confederats” came next, adding a plastic rat to the microphone stand and wheeling a large amp on stage that had a confederate flag spray painted on it. Behind the band was a banner reading “The Confederats;” the lead guitarist glanced at it and smiled as he turned to the audience filled with punk kids.

Toward the end of The Confederats song lineup a fight broke out between an older audience member and a security guard. The audience member was a middle-aged white male who had shoved a security guard and was punched in the face by the guard ending in blood shed. The man was escorted out of the Domino Room’s front door and was met at the entrance by police officers.

The fight caused many kids attending the show to leave just before the final band setup. “Tuck n’ Roll” was the final band to play, they had the longest set, but also had the smallest amount of audience members. Although the show was covered by security, it ended in bloodshed and policemen.

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