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Opening day does little to disappoint

Major League Baseball, a sport in need of ‘resuscitation’, starts season off right
William James

The Broadside

Opening day has arrived in Major League Baseball, and already this season is everything we thought it would be.
Not only did we get to see the ceremonial first pitch from The First Pitcher, President Obama, who is now working a 2-0 all-time count with his high and outside pitch before the Nationals game, but we also saw the thrilling first meeting between the long-time rivals Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, with the Sox rallying to win 9-7.
This is a perfect start to a sport that badly needs resuscitation. After the steroid scandals that have plagued this great game, baseball is slowly going through a resurgence.
One of the reasons for this is the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry —the rivalry in professional sports— which flamed back into existence brighter than it’s ever been.
Also, Ken Griffey Jr., the 40-year old sure-fire Hall of Famer returned last year to Seattle, once again donning the Mariner colors he wore when he achieved the greatness he now enjoys. And he hasn’t disappointed, hitting his 630th career home run as a Mariner and ultimately deciding to play another year with the team that welcomed him back so graciously last season.
And then it goes without saying there are the phenoms. The stars that annihilate the competition any given night and entertain the hell out of the fans while they’re at it.
I speak of course of Tim Lincecum and Albert Pujols who wasted little time proving that they are the measuring stick in this sport as it stands right now.
Pujols had 2 home runs in the Phillies’ 11-1 hammering of the Washington Nationals, and Lincecum dealt 7 innings of scoreless pitching that lead to a victory for his San Francisco Giants.
Considering this is the way that six months of baseball has started, I think we may be in store for one of the best baseball seasons on record.
Let’s just hope that the rest of MLB can live up to this performance and deliver a season and an October postseason we will not soon forget.

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