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NFL teams plan picks for draft

ESPN and will feature live coverage of 75th annual event

Ralph D. Freilinger
The Broadside

The 75th National Football League amateur draft is coming up at the end of the month.
Teams are getting their war rooms together where they will decide on whether to draft a player, trade down the draft board or trade the pick to a team wanting to trade up.

There are a few teams that are trading players and acquiring draft picks to use this year. The Philadelphia Eagles are trading their starting quarterback Donovan McNabb to division rival Washington Redskins for a 2nd round pick in this year’s draft and a conditional pick next year.

The Washington Redskins were able to acquire a starting quarterback and keep this year’s number four pick in the draft where they can pick an impact player.

There are two teams this year that have two picks in the top 20: the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers.
The Seahawks own the 7th and 14th pick in this years draft, while the 49ers own the 13th and 17th picks .
These NFC West division rivals are looking to capitalize on the deep draft that will give them a chance to fill needs on the offense and defense side of the ball.

Barring any last-minute trades—where a team behind them may want to move up to get a player that may not be available when it is their turn to pick—they should be able to fill some pre-draft needs.
The St. Louis Rams own the rights to this year’s number one pick. After releasing their long -time starting quarterback Marc Bulger, the Rams are expected to pick Oklahoma Sooner’s quarterback Sam Bradford or Notre Dame’s quarterback Jimmy Clausen.

COCC student Luke McCready, 19, likes Ndamukong Suh from the University of Nebraska, going with the number one pick this year.

NFL owners have decided to go with no salary cap for the 2010 season as they negotiate with the NFL players union over revenue sharing and a new rookie salary cap.

This year it is expected the NFL owners will use the current rookie scale to decide what to pay those players drafted this year, based on what players were paid last year at similar draft position.

A new rookie salary cap is expected to be a major change in the next agreement between the NFL owners and NFL players union, with the owners wanting a balance between what they pay first time professionals and what they pay their star players. In 2009, Oakland Raider’s quarterback Jamarcus Russell made roughly $3 million more in total salary than three time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady of the New England Patriots .

Thanks to the six year, $61 million contract that Russell signed as a rookie, he was paid just over $3.5 million a win last year.

“If I was an owner,” said Ian Cullen, a student at COCC, “I would want a rookie salary cap”.

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