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Jam on the Hill

Kevin Ludwig
The Broadside

Kyle Rood/The Broadside

On Saturday, Associated Students of COCC and Associated Students of Cascades Campus hosted the first annual “Jam on the Hill” rail jam for local freestyle snowriders. It was a fun day for all. Riders must react quickly as they drop and jib. There is no such thing as a speed check between the top of the ramp and the rail feature. In the second heat COCC’s Bobcat Mascot walked from the forest and charged a couple laps down the rails for a good cause.

Located in the bottom parking lot behind Boyle Education building, the event attracted students, staff and welcomed community spectators as participants jammed on the hill in 66 degree weather.

On hand was a strong group of women competitors. These ladies showed the shredding community that steel, asphalt, and standing atop a ramp that rivaled juniper and pine trees wasn’t just for the boys. Galvanic Design, the events production group, says in their six years of making rail jams a reality “it was the most girls we have ever had at one event.”

Forty eight college-aged competitors tightened up their mandatory helmets for this “overall impression judging format” says Galvanic. The reward: cash and an invitation to the Rail Tour’s Grand Finale at Pioneer Square, May 28 in Portland. Four divisions including Men and Women’s skiing and snowboarding took to the 50ft tall scaffolding structure. Spectators smiled and cheered and competitors slapped high fives with friends.

The unique tiered parking lots behind Boyle gave viewers many different angles and positions to sit or stand and enjoy the “Mt. bachelor skyliner parking lot feel” as COCC student Justin Clemons described it. He came to support his riding friends on the mountain who were competing in the event. ASCOCC and local vendors were on hand to serve up delicious food and beverages for minimal cost.

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