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Environmental Awareness is on the rise as Earth Day approaches

Bethany Hargrove

The Broadside

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. The three Rs are fundamental to green practices. With Earth day coming up on April 22nd it is important to be aware, and with spring around the corner students at Central Oregon Community College are thinking about the environment.

“Earth day to me probably represents… cleanliness. How we can keep the earth clean,” said Tony Cipriano, a student at COCC.

“Our parking lots, our school rooms, how not to litter, and probably clean up after people,” Cipriano continued, “People should probably be more aware of cleaning up after themselves.”

Deborah Lehto, a faculty member in the Financial Aid department, said that every year some faculty get together and do some cleanup and planting.

“If we show that we care, other people are going to step forward,” Lehto said.

Not only is COCC encouraging green behavior, but according to Brenda Pierce the Associated Students of COCC are planning events to celebrate Earth day, including live music, food and vendors at the Quad on the 22nd, and a sidewalk chalk competition, which Pierce said has been very successful in the past.

“Students really loved… to get out there and draw,” Pierce said. ASCOCC also plans to participate in the city of Bend’s Earth day events on the 24th.

“We do the pine cone birdfeeders,” said Pierce. She added that ASCOCC’s booth is usually located in the kid’s section so that they can participate.

“Every day needs to be Earth day.” Lehto said, “The biggest thing COCC can do is show examples.”

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