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Car shows are much better when there are actual cars involved

Echo Mayernik
The Broadside

For weeks, the Visit Ben

Echo Mayernik/The Broadside

d website, along with the city website have been advertising an event to kick off the spring. It has been canceled in past weeks for weather issues. told everyone online that they, along with the Deschutes County Mustangs (a car club for the local area, featuring Ford Mustangs of all ages) would be doing the show this week regardless of the weather. Maybe in the backs of their minds, they were hoping to bribe Spring to show her smile.

I packed my camera and my notebook and eagerly drove to the south end of town, pulled into the parking lot at Blockbuster and Boston Pizza and Sports Bar. I jumped out of the car…and looked around. There was something missing, something every car show should have…and then it clicked. Cars.

I searched the entire shopping center, and found a lonely Jag parked outside of the video store. His owner was shopping in the store, not there for the non-existent car show. Now, back at home, I have a craving for the smell of burning rubber, and the sounds of purring engines. I seek out the next car show with a newly enriched passion. A giddiness that only come from looking into the engine compartment of a classic American muscle car and seeing her engine torque back and forth, its revving motor moving the entire car body. Hearing that heat-beat of the throttle kicking and see the slack jaws and wide eyes of teen boys —more for the car than the girl.

Central Oregon is full-to-the-gills with long, winding roads and beautiful scenery, but you know that, you live here! Cars have been a staple of the American culture for as long as they have driven our roads. What better way to enjoy the raw beauty that is Central Oregon than in a 1964, Original body and interior, souped up racing engine, Ford Mustang Convertible? Just don’t get pulled over by the cops, they don’t like it when you drive fast.

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