Book Review: You’re a Horrible Person, but I Like You


“Dear Abbey’s” advice has nothing on this compilation

Don Iler
The Broadside

I believe I am getting to be an old man. About 20 minutes after my second cup of coffee, I find myself on toilet seat. And when I am atop the throne for my morning glory, I enjoy reading a book. And You’re a Horrible Person, But I Like You: The Believer Book of Advice is just the sort of book that I favor for those sorts of moments.

You’re a Horrible Person was originally conceived as an advice column for “The Believer” magazine. It includes guidance from famous writers, actors and producers from such shows as Saturday Night Live, Flight of The Conchords, Arrested Development and The Office. It is written like the “Dear Abbey” column, only the answers in this book are the ones Abbey should have been giving all these years, irreverent and off-beat instead of taking hopeless people seriously.

The book is much like “The Believer” magazine, impeccably hip and ironic, and written by and for people that are far cooler than I ever think I want to be; the sort of people who ride fixed gear bicycles and roll their eyes when someone name drops The Shins.

You’re a Horrible Person is just the sort of book that would do good in the magazine rack by the toilet or while hoping that indie-rock girl will notice you at the local independent coffee shop with the 1960’s Italian espresso machine. I wouldn’t devote a sitting of more than five minutes reading it though; you don’t want your leg to go numb.

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