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Student Gov’t publishes magazine to promote student activities

William James

The Broadside


The Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College recently rolled out a new way for the student body to connect with their activities and learn about upcoming events on campus.

With the Feb. 12 debut of their long-planned monthly news magazine, “The Voice,” ASCOCC features events that are happening around the campus that are associated with ASCOCC and the various clubs. In addition, there is a digital version of the magazine on the ASCOCC website, along with videos posted on the student government’s Facebook account. However, Brenda Pierce, ASCOCC council member makes sure to note that not every event or club gets a chance to have a video on the Facebook page.

“Complimentary videos will be posted only for featured events, clubs, and programs,” Pierce said.

Pierce also said that ASCOCC is trying to avoid printing too many magazines too often, as they are not a weekly publication and don’t want to run the risk of copies being wasted. Their initial printing consisted of 1,000 copies of “The Voice,” costing $634 for 11×17 pages. According to Pierce, the publication is paid for out of their marketing fund of 15,000 dollars .

Pierce also pointed out that in the future, she would like to include specific pages dedicated to clubs and programs, giving more in-depth information on the day-to-day goings on at COCC. She expects that the size of “The Voice” will increase or decrease depending on how many events are happening at a given time.

One of the features of “The Voice” is a piece titled “Ask Gordon”, wherein students, staff and ASCOCC members send questions to Gordon Price, Director of Student Life.

He says that the publication will try to represent as much of COCC as possible in the upcoming publications. When he was asked if he could see anything different happening with “The Voice” in the future, he said he “doesn’t see it evolving any further than it is right now”

ASCOCC member Terry Link praised “The Voice” saying, “This is an avenue that we will for certain be able to reach students about events on campus and off.” He also made sure to point out that in no way is “the Voice” meant to be direct competition to the COCC newspaper, The Broadside.

Look for “The Voice” on newstands around cocc every month.

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