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Broadside cover inappropriate (letter to the editor)


I noticed that this month’s front cover had an extremely risqué and inappropriate image for a College representation on campus. I felt obligated to inform you that I found this to be offensive, degrading, disrespectful to human dignity and diversity on campus, and unprofessional in every consideration. Because of this, I have opted to not even read the inside of the paper. From a business perspective, this was a bad move on marketing, and appropriate college relations. If a reader won’t even touch the paper, then the reader is no longer subscribed. I would hope and trust that the advisors of this paper will review work more carefully prior to submission, and ensure that every publication is in good taste. Preparing students for the future includes introducing them to appropriate and wise business decisions, such of which seems to be lacking in this issue. I’m sure that you have heard from others as well, as I have heard several comments concerning the cover. Even though the intent may have been to get attention, like every child learns when growing up, there is bad attention and good attention. The bad attention, while easiest to obtain, eventually leads to punishment or abdication. Please keep the readers, not the writers, in mind when marketing to a reading crowd.


Jonathan Esterman



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