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A glimpse into COCC’s unique vehicle fleet

Marvin Walder/The Broadside

As the majority of classes remain online, there is a definite decrease in activity on COCC’s campuses. However, there is not a complete lack of it. COCC owns and operates a fleet of vehicles for maintenance, education and transportation and many of them are currently in use on campuses today. Ranging from a ZAP car to ambulances, there is a variety of vehicles students might not even know COCC owns. Here are some of the most interesting vehicles from the Bend and Redmond COCC Campuses.

Educational Vehicles:

Some of COCC’s most notable educational vehicles include the ambulances and firetruck for EMS/Firefighting programs and the Culinary Institute’s food catering truck. Students who are in these programs have likely seen these vehicles at some point, as they serve a vital role in preparing students going into these professions.

Service/Transport Vehicles:

COCC has a large collection of specialized transport and service vehicles. While students have likely seen the Campus Public Safety vehicles driving on College Way, there is also much heavier equipment located underneath the automotive building on the Bend Campus. Located there are vehicles like the Backhoe and Skid Steer Loader, along with a vast array of trucks and vans.

ZAP Car:

By far the most unique and odd vehicle in COCC’s ownership is the ZAP car. It’s located behind the Technology Education Center on the Redmond Campus, where it stands out with a bright teal color. The ZAP car, launched in 2006, is a 100% electric vehicle that drives on three wheels, similar to the British Reliant Robin. This vehicle actually classifies as a three wheeled motorcycle. The manufacturer also offered a pickup version of the ZAP car, which had a truck bed for additional cargo space.



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