If you can’t drum, flute

Logan Borg fluting. Photo by Anna Quesenberry | The Broadside

“My hand is broken, so it’s kind of hard playing the drum,” flutist Logan Borg said. “I wanted to jam on something.”
He joined drum club because he believes it is a “good in-between the day” activity.
“Getting uplifted with some music and away from homework,” Borg said. “Making music is probably the most meaningful thing that’s always been throughout my life. I just love playing music with people.”
Music is an outlet for Borg and something that he intends to pursue indefinitely.
“I’m just giving college a try right now and seeing if college is the route I want to go,” Borg said. “I’m probably going to keep playing music always, no matter what.”
Music is spiritual and physical, explained Borg.
“Playing drums is a great workout,” Borg said.
Being a member of the drum club comes with social advantages, according to Borg.
“A lot of random people come by and just join in because they like listening and want to learn how,” Borg said. “It’s a really good social thing too.”

–Anna Quesenberry

The Broadside


(contact: aquesenberry@cocc.edu)


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