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Otaku Squad plans trip to Tea Garden

Lindsey Brown
The Broadside

Honor, family and respect are the core values of the Otaku Squad at Central Oregon Community College. Anime, Japanese animation, is the basis of the club, however learning about Japanese culture is important as well. Otaku Squad is five years old and continues to flourish with  events and activities for students and the community.
The Otaku Squad has planned to go to Portland for a Japanese Buddhist Tea Garden in summer 2012. Anthony Forrer, president and founding member of the Otaku Squad, wants to expose the club’s members to as much Japanese culture as possible, such as the Japanese language classes offered through the club, and trips to events involving Japan.
Volunteering is very important to Forrer, and he encourages the members of the club to help in any way they can.
“We give back to the community and the world, because they give so much back to us in both entertainment and culture,” says Forrer.
Forrer said the Otaku Squad helped raise $300 for the tsunami relief efforts in 2011 for Japan. They have also done events for the troops across seas and plan to do more this summer. They try to help the community as much as possible.
“It’s like a family, it is someplace you can be yourself,” says Daniel Baycroft, long time club member.
There is anime for everyone, according to Baycroft who particularly enjoys comedys. He said that he learned a few Japanese words here and there from watching anime. For Baycroft, the Otaku Squad has been a way to make friends.
This club is open to everyone, including students and the community. There are no requirements or fees, except for non-students when it comes to certain events. Meetings are every second and fourth friday of each month in Mazama room number 222, from 3-5 pm. The exact dates of events this Summer will be posted on their Facebook page.




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