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Club offers students place for activism and belonging

Kirsteen Wolf
The Broadside

Students looking to find common ground started a club of their own.
The Jefferson County Cultural Enrichment Club is a combination of diverse groups on the Madras campus that came together to forward student concerns, promote equality and foster multiculturalism.
The club began at Central Oregon Community College’s Madras campus and already has six members, a Public Relations contact and a president.
The club will be open to all groups who want to add their perspective, according to Kelly Huskey, Associated Students of COCC’s branch campus coordinator.
Last term, there were 92 students enrolled at the Madras campus. Due to such a small base, there were not enough students to separate into clubs so they decided to band together.
“They are trying to bring everyone together and support every student on campus no matter what their major,” said Huskey.
Because of the diversity within the club, each representative group can bring information to share with the other members including cultural knowledge and education.
“They are teaching each other,” said Huskey.
Some of the group goals, according to their constitution, are to provide “a support system and networking opportunities, increase campus diversity, cultural preservation and to create a smooth transition for graduating Madras High School students.”
In addition to the standard officer duties that clubs can appoint—president, secretary and treasurer—they have also added the role of “historian.”
Courtney Snead is the coordinator of the Madras campus and a full supporter of the club.
“Their mission to enhance communication and understanding amongst different cultures and backgrounds is a great fit for the tone that we try to set here on the Madras Campus with our staff and part-time faculty,” said Snead.
As the club’s advisor, Snead recognizes its benefits.
“Having been a member of student government and various clubs when I was in college, I am excited to be their advisor and have a front row seat to see their leadership skills develop and create a sense of community with our students,” she said.
The group plans to meet Friday afternoons in the Community Room on the Madras campus. So far their contract is done, their constitution complete and all their paperwork handed in. The next step is to start building community.




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