6 thoughts on “Thomas Bray: How COCC changed after his arrest

  1. I was the one who filed the previous restraining order. Tom was hired before it happened and the restraining order was retaliatory to an incident that happened and was very petty. I know Tom and his family VERY VERY well and in NO way possible is he capable in his mind or body to do such hideous acts in which your students have accused him of doing.

    It’s typical for young women to be ‘glammed’ by a british born johns hopkins anesthesiologists and get angry when they do not get what they want out of the relationship. In this case it s most likely financing in my opinion.

    It’s actually quite coincidental that the amount filed to be sued for is equivalent to all his assets and the fact that it was filed a week after the so-called second victim of this poor nice man. First one to file gets a bigger pay check! Hurry up girls!

    I was with this man throughout some of his hardest times of his life before this incident and he is kind, gentle, caring, compassionate and of good nature. He would give anything in the world for his physical health back… the reason why he wasn’t practicing medicine for the 6 years prior.

    When he got this measly teaching job, he was so excited because he finally was getting some structure back in his life.

    The fight between Tom and I is completely irrelevant to this case and his character. And I am going to fight with him every step of the way because he is my best friend.. despite immature arguments. And i guarantee more people from his past will stand by me and his family. Our family.

    I guarantee you can not find one person outside of Bend, OR, who is NOT an ex-girlfriend of Tom’s that will say such things..

    In fact! He dumped the girl before me because she was all about the money and the huge diamond ring. (What most woman think when they here the word ‘physician.’)

    you’re ruining a good mans life. Get the facts and figures right and straight before you do what is ‘popular’ to society… because the truth always comes out.

  2. I absolutely disagree with ‘Biteme. First of all, there is a thing called ‘Innocent until proven guilty’. Our sources are media outlets whose ratings suffer when stories are not dramatic enough. Secondly, like the original poster, I have known Tom since he was a boy. I have had somewhat recent interactions with him in the past few years.

    Out of the years I have known Tom, there has never been any instance that I can recall where he has been anything less than a good nature person. He has displayed moments of compassion for other peoples’ situations that one simply doesn’t see in a character that he is being out to be in the media. If he was anything less than what I am posting here, I would either not say anything at all or reveal his character to be otherwise. But he simply isn’t the guy being portrayed. I know this guy and he isn’t like that. It is a weak argument on my part, but I felt compelled to write something.

    I don’t know specifics on the civil suit nor do I know the alleged victim. I am not going to bash on the alleged victim simply because I have enough faith in the judicial system to determine how one should be judged.

    I believe in Tom’s character, I would trust him with my life and I am proud to know him. Men and women alike, he is good to people. He is genuine and he has never deviated from anything other than being a gentleman.

  3. Too bad he was convicted of all counts against the woman he met on match.com and will spend the rest of his pathetic miserable life in prison when he can experience a hint of what he put that woman through.

  4. Glad he is going to prison where an inmate or two will have some rape fantasies of their own. This guy is a SCUMBAG. You women are dumb for taking up for him. Especially the community college student who continued to “date him” after he chocked her with his bathrobe tie. What a desperate moron. But then again, it is community college, right? How pathetic this guy threw away years of hard work for a sick fantasy, hope you rot in prison prick!!

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