1 thought on “Out of Your Element, with Donny Iler

  1. Quite frankly, you’re wrong. You sound like a whining adolescent. “Paying money for a class taught by a guy who’s never done anything with his life besides go to school.” I assume you have done something with your life. The military, honestly do you really think that is doing something with your life.
    I have nothing against the military, army, navy, or whatever you were apart of. However, just because you spent some time war mongering in another country doesn’t provide you with an excess of wisdom.
    I do hope you drop out, since you are the pinnacle of all knowledge, and educating yourself is somehow a form of stupidity.
    Nobody wants to really, “change the world.” They just simply want to affect it in a positive way. Just because you have given up, does not mean it is ridiculous for other people to keep trying. Your idea of the real world is a little misconstrued. The real world doesn’t consist of being in the army; your real world is a lot different than what is considered normal. Stop being pretentious, you walking version of Voltaire’s ‘Candide.’

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