1 thought on “Finding places on the internet to fulfill your comic cravings

  1. Wow, I would love to analyze/ critique websites. That would be the funnest job. I especially love World of Warcraft due to its expanding universe (lands), unique and different characters (though I was a human/ night elf wizard most of the time). Also, not only do you get to interact with players from around the world, you can compete against them or you can join the group on a quest, an adventure quest. Its so cool that one gets addicted to games and cannot stop playing in this fantasized world, which I got drawn into the world right away. I could not stop playing. Once, during the 7 day trial, I played 4 hours of WOW, and that’s even addicting for me. But after a while, I saw spots which was a sign of computer syndrome. From their on I stopped playing because 1. My eyes were tired and 2. My 7 days were up. I just wanted to play in a world that was a fantastical world.

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