1 thought on “Editor-In-Chief bites the hand that feeds him

  1. “…providing The Broadside the autonomy it needs to write about subjects concerning the student body.”

    What a joke. How are articles regarding KFC, pouring beer, attacking personal beliefs and faith, or SUBJECTIVELY covering the elections truely a concern of the student body? You are deeply out of touch with those of whom you say you are the voice of.

    You folks said that because many of the same people won in the elections, that people were uneducated in the process of elections and what the candidates stood for. How self-righteous can you be? What do you have to show that can back that statement up? I know it wasn’t you – it was your “managing editor,” but seriously.

    Get a clue. I don’t mind paying an extra 50 cents as long as not a dime goes to the The Broadside – or rather, what you all have turned into a classless and distasteful rag mag. Where is the diversity? Heaven forbid you all ever submitted works to a national conest. That would be embarrassing.

    TMZ reports more objectively then the trash I read in The Broadside. Why do I continue to read it then? Could you honestly keep yourself from watching a head on collision?

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