3 thoughts on “Despite a need, campus childcare is unavailable

  1. I believe when you need a dictionary to read the first paragraph of a blog post, you really wouldn’t want to continue, especially when you’re in a rush.

  2. It is not just mother’s that need childcare for their children, single father’s also could use some assistance. With summer coming up and two children that need watching I am looking at just over $1100 a month for childcare, lucky me I moved to Oregon a few years too late to benefit from the COCC assistance. With COCC Early Childhood Education program and the one at Oregon State- Cascades while could the school give the students in the program some hands on experience by having a “classroom” for those students working on a degree towards opeing a Childcare facility. ECE students get practical experience, COCC/OSU students get affordable childcare and can be near there children during breaks between classes. I guess that might make too much sense, in this day and age of making things more complicated than they need to be something this simple must be considered “outragous.”

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