1 thought on “College and Contraceptives

  1. Isaac, thank you for covering this news story about contraception/protection available on COCC campus.
    I wanted to share that as both a new person to Central Oregon and a new employee at COCC, I am quite proud that we are looking at the whole student in this protective, caring way. Thank you to ASCOCC for promoting safety in sex for all students regardless of income or sexual orientation.

    And this is also a time warp for me, personally, as I was in Eugene handing out free condoms with ASUO in 1987-88 at the early part of what was then being called the “AIDS epidemic”. So, this free protection does not seem startling but more like, “Finally, we are doing the right thing.”

    Go COCC and go Central Oregon! No student needs to be put at risk from lack of access or inability to afford protection. And thank you for the updates on Plan B access elsewhere.

    Misty H. Bouse

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