Friday, January 17, 2020

The Portland Trailblazers: Rip City Is In It To Win It

As many of you NBA fans are aware, the trade deadline to move stars to new locations in the NBA galaxy passed yesterday. And, specifically, you Portland Trailblazers fans now know Portland GM Kevin Pritchard made another deal that could possibly guarantee a second straight post-season appearance for his team.

Poetry slam’s new location allows the under-21 crowd to showcase writings

Zachary Hunt  The Broadside    Into the second round, about half of the crowd had dissipated and only eight competitors remained. The poetry slam continued with many good and bad performances until the final four remained. Of...

Artist Inbox Paula Bullwinkle

        Kyla Becker  The Broadside The "Artist Inbox" is a resource for COCC student artists , created with the intention of shedding some light on how an artist can keep their edge in the Bend art community...

Votes needed for proposed constitution

The new ASCOCC constitution will be ratified or rejected by the COCC student body via a vote through Blackboard. The constitution will be approved by a majority vote, which means any number of votes, no matter how few or how many, can decide the outcome.

Broadside Editor In Chief acquitted of defamation

"This shows a complete lack of regard toward the first amendment and the freedom of the press. That's what worries me the most." Don Iler

Student Gov’t publishes magazine to promote student activities

"This is an avenue that we will for certain be able to reach students about events on campus and off." Terry Link

Home brewers born at COCC

"What they do in the breweries... is ultimately our goal - to make a good beer." Rob Walker

A picture of social ethics

Written by Oscar Wilde in 1890, "The Picture of Dorian Gray" is a narrative of the seduction and degradation of innocence. Gray, a naive, shy, and strikingly beautiful young man, meets social corruption, falls under its captivating command and finally becomes the reprobate influence.

Rants & Raves

Comments submitted to The Broadside by students during the January Information Fair. Elspeth Ross The enrollment process is a bit slower than I expected, but not bad. Samantha Comes, 21 Nursing There is no family housing or childcare....

So long, J.D. Salinger

Don Iler The Broadside It was a wintry and dark day and the air was full of dust and the smell of burning oil and feces. I was talking to my first roommate in the marine...