17 thoughts on “Breaking News: ASCOCC member not currently enrolled at COCC

  1. That’s outrageous!! I think it’s about time for Brenda to enter into the real world, find a real job, and stop feeding off of student fees. It’s time to give up and grow up.

  2. It’s time that COCC administration take responsibility in this situation. Brenda obviously does not belong in the student community, and should not be getting paid by students’ fees. The other members of ASCOCC student government should also be removed from office either for covering up information or for ineptitude. If they are not capable of following and enforcing their own constitution, how can they be in charge of students’ money and affairs? This leaves a very bad image in the community.

  3. Let someone who does real good take over, like that Maggie from the news, who fed so many grateful people, thats the kind of person who is real and genuine and would take your organization to a higher level.

    Mrs. Elizabeth A Klingler amca

  4. To Mrs. Duran Above,
    As a member of student government, we do our best to maintain our constitutional standards. Between managing and accounting for over 20 clubs and programs and also maintaining a 3.6 GPA in a dual Aviation/ Business management degree I do not have the time nor the desire to “police” my fellow students. We are grown adults who work on the honor system. It would also violate privacy issues if not handled in the right way. Now that we are aware of the situation we will deal with it in a fair, professional manner which is how you would want to be treated if it was you (or me). What this article doesn’t say is that according to Miss Peirce this was a mix up at registration and not some evil sinister plan to give the college a “bad image”.

  5. When will the corruption end? From drinking in front of middle school students and not attending a conference paid for by students to go to the beach, to paying her boyfriend almost $20k, it’s time for Brenda Pierce to resign from student government, especially since she is no longer a student. I commend those on student government who attend class, and achieve good gpas and serve their student body honorably. But I believe that as much as Pierce and her cronies may try to play this out as a conspiracy to topple her, she has dug her own grave, and it is only now that the truth is coming out. The funny thing about being a student leader is that you have to be the first part of that equation, a student. Get Brenda Pierce out of office before she brings more shame to COCC.

  6. Again…

    No drinking in front of minors. We did attend the conference. No trip to the beach. I did not hire Rob Walker. I am enrolled at COCC. Stop fueling the fire Broadside with false reporting and comments by your employees both past and present.

  7. If Brenda Pierce is enrolled at COCC, why is the enrollment office saying she isn’t? And while she claims to have not hired Walker, would he have got that job and been paid so much if she hadn’t been in the position she is in? I don’t think so. The gravy train of living off the largess of student fee money is over. Resign before further undue shame and agony is brought upon the citizens of central Oregon.

  8. It is official, the Broadside has no credibility left. From what I understand, this situation with Brenda was cleared up before you went to press and you knew about it. To knowingly print misleading information for the sake of a personal vendetta shows how unprofessional your organization is.

    It is obvious that the Broadside’s problem with Brenda is personal. You cannot print what the Broadside writes about ASCOCC, the Broadside will disregard the truth to attack a member of student government. This article is proof. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    You owe it to the 50+ year history of the paper, to act like journalists, not partisan bloggers.

    Look at your headline on this story. That is all the proof of yellow journalism anyone would need.

  9. Is she enrolled or isn’t she? That’s the main question, and if she isn’t enrolled, which is what the school told The Broadside, then the student body deserves to hear about it.

  10. Don Iler. Instead of repeating your self about the same subjects you should try to read the other comments or the news paper which you hold so dear. If you did that you may be able to answer your question about Brenda’s enrollment status along with the other accusations placed on her, and the ASCOCC that you and The Broadside seem to be overly obsessed about. Also you are right, the student body deserves to hear about the ongoings of the ASCOCC, but with ACCURATE FACTS, and ALL the FACTS. You of all people have committed enough personal attacks on Brenda that through gathering the “information” for those attacks I think you would have learned what an outstanding student Brenda is. I feel that you are one of the FEW responsible for corrupting The Broadside and turning it into the hate seeking witch hunting TABLOID it has become, leaving many students wishing and seeking out information on how to make it so that their student fees no longer apply to The Broadside. The Broadside and their yellow journalism IS tearing this school apart and is causing unnecessary troubles between OSU Cascades and the COCC campus along with causing many troubles for students all because they want to portray how much they hate the ASCOCC because they didn’t get their funds increase last year. I would love to see a report on The Broadside to learn about how they spend their funds done by an outside source of course. I know they don’t spend their funds on things that better our school or community. Things like food & toy drives, gathering items for our troops overseas, quarter drives for the elderly, or relay races to raise money for clubs. I see them doing nothing but poorly edited, hateful, witch hunting, yellow journalism.

  11. In Response to Fed Up Student:

    You are an outrageous idiot. Your personal bias obviously has has an effect on your perception. You are probably dating one of the student council members. Get off your high horse you sad excuse of a human being. These people have screwed up and are trying to cover it up. I don’t know if they actually convinced themselves that they haven’t done anything wrong. The Broadside does need to back off a little on the government. I have seen a lot of stuff written, good and bad. Sorry, but to be honest I don’t want to read about bowling night, what a snore. Isn’t promoting those things the student council’s job, not the newspaper. I like the student newspaper this year. This is my third year here and I have never read through a whole paper until this year. The Broadside is not ‘ripping the school apart’ you child, the student council is doing a good job of that. I just waisted ten minutes of my life replying to a pathetic moron. Thanks for waisting my day, I will never get the time I wasted back.

  12. Dear Susan,

    “Susan Williams” doesn’t attend COCC. The Broadside does not support comments that are “personal” or “attack” students – yeah, right! This posting is a sure fire example of how they pick and choose their postings just like they pick and choose their stories. Yellow journalism is the closest description I have seen thus far for this paper. Several people have posted about the Editor, Eric Ercanbrack and his resignation due to theft, but the Broadside hasn’t posted a single one of those. Wonder why? Because it makes them look bad and it makes everyone question the Editor’s ability to write a truthful story. Stop covering up the truth Broadside. The Farewell from Eric in the last issue was so lame. Poor me. Oh the backlash of my reporting. Its everyone’s fault that I ripped off my former employer and got caught! Cry me a river. It is public knowledge now. Still, I bet you won’t post this and that is ok because there are other ways to let people know what you are covering up.

  13. This comment is in response to “Concerned Student’s” comment, “You owe it to the 50+ year history of the paper, to act like journalists, not partisan bloggers.”

    I would like to point out that not one editorial statement was made in the context of the story and the story indeed was well-supported with facts. In order for a piece of news information to be considered “yellow journalism,” it must be minimally researched. The Broadside was in the right by allowing Pierce the opportunity to comment, clarifying the claim with the admissions office, and speaking to a university official about the subject.

    I certainly hope The Broadside’s funding does not get cut as a result of the impressive investigative pieces it’s been publishing. I serve as editor-in-chief at a fellow college newspaper, where funding was cut because of similar happenings, or at least we suspect. We were the only academic program whose funding was cut by our college’s annual student fee this year.

  14. When you break the rules, you will be held accountable. The student government is the same people rotating in and out of a different position every year. No one has paid attention to the inside workings of the student Government in the past. Alot of money flows through the hands of the few elected officials in those positions and laundering it is illegal.Good idea hiring a lawyer, bad idea doing it with student fees. I do not agree with personal attacks between the Broadside and the Student Government. I will be running and will be elected into the ASCOCC this spring. Stand by.

  15. So happy I am finish ……..to many fees = not enough parking and over priced bookstore.

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