20 thoughts on “ASCOCC starts the new year with changes to staff and operation

  1. Why do we have student council members such as Huskey that can’t maintain above a 2.3? Aren’t they supposed to be student leaders? When I think of a student leader, I think of someone that has their stuff together and is an example and representative of the college. I don’t think of someone who gets their girlfriend hired only to quit after one term, who votes on issues they are involved in like club funding and then tries to get the rest of the council to add in a bylaw for her so she doesn’t get ousted in a pass/no-pass course. What is going on with our campus leaders?

    When did Shara not become a student? At the end of the term? She didn’t resign until the end of the payroll period it looks like. Didn’t she know that she wasn’t going to pass her class prior to that? Wasn’t school out prior to Dec. 31. Did she get paid for that whole month? Looks like the Broadside might have another article in the works.

    1. Jennifer, I am going to say this as nicely as possible. You are an idiot. You know nothing about what you are talking about, I know first hand why Shara resigned, she was hired by the State, that was not confirmed until late Dec. as for this council, most of them pass crap that benefits each other. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. The broadside is a load of crap. As a student I believe this so called newspaper needs to go.

  2. Kelly Huskey and Shara Huskey are in a legal Domestic Partner relationship filed in Deschutes County Clerk Of Court and there is legal documentation of this “Domesticated” Partnership from the state of Oregon. You can call the Deschutes County Clerk of Court office to verify their Union. The term of romantic relationship is offensive.

  3. Kelly huskey is good for the school and student, she has a lot on her plait who cares if her GPA fell a little low….. as student’s stop bitching and finding drama where there isn’t any…..it seems to me this paper is more of a gossip column that dont have the facts

  4. It’s amazing that the worthless leader of the paper allows this witch hunt of Kelly Husky go on and for the person that wrote the article get a life. Most reporters are losers that got picked on in high school and trying to make themselves feel better.

  5. You people (with the exception of Ms. Stein) are so incredibly ignorant, frankly I’m impressed you made it through the whole story and figured out how to make a comment.

    “Romantic Relationship” is offensive? C’mon, that’s just silly. I’m also married to a woman, legal through Deschutes county, and I think it would be a little flattering if it was said to me. Oh, it’s different because I’m a man? Now you’re being sexist.

    Huskey is good for the school? I think not. No matter how you boil it down, it was a bit of a fiasco. That being, “A thing that is a complete failure, esp. in a ludicrous or humiliating way.” It is certainly ludicrous and was humiliating for I’m sure more then one party – Including COCC. If you read these facts, laid out for you very concisely and void of bias, it is obvious that neither of these people should be trusted to make decisions for you. They are not good role models. These people decide what happens around you, what happens with your money, and shapes the culture that is COCC. I agree with Jennifer – what is going on? You have to call into question the people that HIRE these people ..

    I don’t see any of this as a witch hunt and it is shameful to refer to any of the people at the broadside as worthless or losers. How else would you know about any of this if it wasn’t for them? I’ve been reading this paper for quite some time and bumped into a few of these people around – I’ve always been treated with respect and the integrity in what they produce shines through in how they carry themselves in person. You’re probably just jealous, like me. The only reason I haven’t tried to get a gig there is they don’t pay enough. These people put in a ton of work for little monetary reward. I wish I could be that dedicated.

    1. So my reply to you would be, how do you address your WIFE in public. This is my Romantic Relationship…….? Kelly introduces Shara, “This is my wife, Shara. So give respect of at least Domestic Partner.

      And I did not comment on the issue the paper has written on ASCOCC, as I want facts and this is POLITICS. I do care and if the facts are true I am confident James “Jim” Middleton will take care of the problem along withe rest of Administrators.

  6. I don’t see how anyone can bash Kelly Huskey. Why is not being recognized for all the amazing things she does? I’m not getting anymore into this but before you judge somebody, do your research.

  7. I know both Kelly and Shara, to me it seems as though there is a reason why they keep popping up in this crap newspaper. I believe that someone there has an issue with their union. Bigots should not be allowed to publish articles about people because they are different. I am thankful that I graduating soon so I don’t have to be around ignorant bigot bastards!

    Love you Kelly and Shara, you are both amazing people. Screw everyone that try’s to put you guys down.

  8. The Broadside appreciates everyone’s comments and feedback, and we encourage students to continue the discussion.

    However, please remember to be respectful. The subjects of this article, the author and the commenters are all students and deserve respect. Please no flame wars.

    Thank you again for reading and for your feedback.

    The Broadside

  9. The “domestic union”-is that right? has nothing to do with this article or the problem. I think it is a shame that people have gone down this path in their comments. What I care about is their leadership abilities, their decision making skills and the reputation they are giving students, ASCOCC and COCC as student leaders. It isn’t good. If there is a few things the Broadside has uncovered it is most likely there is more. A 2.3 GPA from a long-term student leader at COCC isn’t good. It isn’t an example I would want fellow students to look up to. Academics should be a priority above all the “good” one does. She’s in college for a degree right? Maybe she has other reasons. There certainly are a lot of people in college for the financial aid right now and the fun. Regardless, we should expect more from our student leaders.

    I want to know if my student fees paid Husky a nice check while she was on winter break since she chose not to resign until the beginning of the term when she knew she wouldn’t be enrolled. Did the rest of the council and advisor know about this? Her pay should have ended the day her classes ended and she was no longer a student. For Kelly, she should respectfully resign and concentrate on her studies – that I could respect.

    1. I know that the article is not about “Domestic Partners”, But as any news paper would regret their error in publishing part of the story without proper facts, I expect the same from the Broadside.

      I am a Criminal Justice Major who will finish my AAS this term with a 3.43 average.

  10. First, thank you for everyone’s support. Second, I would like to invite Jennifer Stein or any student for that matter to come visit with me. My office hours are M/W from 10:30 to 12:30 on the Redmond Campus and T/F from 8:00 to 10:00am on the Bend Campus. Please come see me and we can chat and possible clear up some of these misconceptions you may have of not just me but our student council as well.

  11. Why doesnt anyone talk about the two other council members who didnt make gpa that are both still there.or that the activities council member has had a fling with a a paid and in charge of assistant along with not doing events the last two months. Then another council member used student money to take a non student on a council trip and the fiscal council member oked the money. This wasnt voted or approved and their advisor lets this happen. Also that the council all of them get paid for the month and dont have to work per the cocc lawsif school is not in session. None of the council or the assistants worked past fall finals.and why is the council holding events at a council members place of work isnt that conflict of interst?

  12. @ not so nice,

    What? Where is the Broadside reporting on these things? I would like to say I am surprised, but I’m not. Sounds like you need to be interviewed before the advisor and ASCOCC council sweeps this under the rug. Good job putting it all out there “not so nice.”

    1. The Broadside is currently investigating each of these issues. Please read the upcoming edition of the paper, which will hit the stands and web on Wednesday Feb. 6, to read the facts regarding these claims.

      Thank you for reading!

  13. As for this story …….” On Dec. 4 Huskey voted to allot funding to the Criminal Justice club, of which she is a member, and later attempted to retract her vote, claiming she had not intended to vote in the first place.

    Does anyone even know what the money was going to be used for ????? It was going to be used for “Quarters for Seniors” a Christmas present for senior citizens (that the Criminal Justice Club has done for years now) who all they want for Christmas is quarters to wash their clothes…….what pisses me off is the Broadside that does not look into all of the facts before writing an article…Looks to me like the Editor of the Broadside has a vendetta for Kelly and Shara Huskey, which is sad as can be…you write a three page article about Kelly or Kelly and Shara, in the last three sentences you state the what she has done is not against COCC policy, if what she has done isn’t against COCC policy, then why write an article…let alone a three page article ????

  14. The point, my dear Mr Huke, is not what was or was not voted on, but the fact of the vote itself, which “Huskey also stated that she believed…was unethical.” How this being reported on in the Broadside counts as a “vendetta,” I’m not sure. Perhaps we should focus more on our studies and less on attempting to create drama, hmm?

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