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Seth Root, Editor-in-chief

Seth Root is the editor-in-chief of the Broadside. He is currently majoring in Political Science at Central Oregon Community College where he hopes to make an impact in the political sphere. In his free time, Seth likes to read books, go to the movies and play basketball.

Sarah Lightley, News/Opinion Editor

Roman Russell, Engagement Editor

Ayla Adkins, Reporter

Kate Couch, Reporter

Fredrik Finney-Jordet, Reporter

Fredrik Finney-Jordet is a reporter at The Broadside. He is currently attending classes at COCC during his gap year, and plans to later study Political Science and Sociology, in order to try and create social and political change. In his free time, Fredrik enjoys playing the violin, nordic skiing, and participating in local activism. He recently read and recommends “Berlin” by Jason Lutes.

McKenzie Leary, Reporter

Maitiu Millar-Sanchez, Reporter

Luke Reynolds, Copy Editor

Luke Reynolds is the former engagement editor, and current copy editor for The Broadside. He has always been interested in the news and how we consume media. He is finishing his transfer degree with plans to go to Oregon State University-Cascades to major in computer science, as well as obtain a minor in journalism. Bend is his hometown, but he wouldn’t say no for an opportunity to live in Europe. Writing is his favorite creative outlet and he would love to be an author someday. He also likes producing/editing silly videos on the side and gets a kick out of messing with a green screen. Finally, he highly recommend the album Twilight by ELO.

Marvin Walder, Photographer/Reporter | 541-383-7252 | Room 102 in the Coats Campus Center

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