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Renny Temple & Caren Kaye pt2 is out now in Ep. 3 of Off-Script with Liam Gibler

In part 2, we talk about Renny’s outlook on directing and his experience working on shows like Growing Pains, Throb, and Friends. We also delve into his guest role, in what would turn out to be an Emmy award winning episode of All in The Family.

Caren tells us about her start on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and ‘playing the bitch’ on The Betty White Show. We talk about her twelve year retirement, and how she went back to school and became a licensed therapist.

They both share Richard Pryor stories, debate how good Adam Sandler is, and share insight into how they develop characters.

Their improv Out of Thin Air starts back up on the 19th. Performing every other Tuesday at 8pm, tickets are available at or for 10 dollars, or 15 at the door.

Off-Script with Liam Gibler is available on Spotify, Apple, Amazon podcasts and all other music and podcast services.



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