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The Vibe Dance Center, a local recital

Sarah Lightley/The Broadside

Late last year, The Vibe Dance Center acquired new owners. Lauren DuBose, Amy Huebner, and Paige Coduti. They joined forces to continue The Vibe tradition for new dancers to come. 

If you are looking for an enjoyable, outdoor event this weekend, consider attending a local dance studio recital. The Vibe Dance Center will be having a dance recital this weekend. 

“We will be holding our recitals outside at The Athletic Club of Bend,” said DuBose. 

The Vibe will have five shows for you to watch outside, there will be reduced seating due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. 

“With our event being held outside we will ask everyone to continue to social distance but masks will not be required,” said DuBose.

Later in the dance season, dancers were wearing masks during competitions. In the recital, Dubose said it will be left up to each family whether or not their dancers would wear masks in the show. 

“Securing an outdoor venue has allowed us more audience members than an indoor venue,” said Coduti. 

There will be two shows for the 8yrs and younger dancers, one show for 9-12yrs dancers, one show for teens, and one show for all of the competition pieces. 

Coduti said there will be 235 dancers performing in this year’s recital.  
Two showings will be on June 12th and three showings on June 13th. To find out more, click the link here.



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