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Sad Night Dynamite-Self Titled

India Slodki/The Broadside  

Drawing influence from those like MF DOOM and Kendrick Lamar, Sad Night Dynamite stitch elements of punk, hip-hop, and electronica to create something that feels just beyond recognizable.

There is something meditative about Sad Night Dynamite. The UK duo appropriately explores dualities that feel both seductive and treacherous. Their 2021 self-titled mixtape opens with a syrupy intro, sliding into the second track, Icy Violence, which pokes at something sinister. Just under a half-hour, the nine tracks put out by Parlophone Records connects songs that walk the line between playful and threatening. 

The fourth song, Mountain Jack teases repetitively, but under first listen fall into sequence perfectly. Standouts like Krunk and Skully feel fresh and comical with a noir aftertaste. Bouncy drum beats–a common component of their song structure–amplifies the youthful energy that the duo carries. It feels as if they are hungry for new experiences, but aren’t soon to forget the lessons they have already learned. 

The contemplative Mussel Bay (Outro) concludes the mixtape. The 2:49 minutes are filled with tension and a morbid sort of intrigue, as someone wales just beyond the foreground of the track. The track promises that it’s not going to be the last time the world sees Sad Night Dynamite, and I can’t say I’m complaining. 

Sad Night Dynamite can be found here, at their official website, and on YouTube



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