What COCC students need to know about the upcoming winter term


McKenzie Leary/The Broadside

While it might feel like you’ve just gotten into a comfortable routine with your fall classes, it’s time to shake up again by thinking ahead to the winter term.

Winter registration is about to begin, and it is time to contact your CAP (career services, academic advising, personal counseling), advisors.


The first step in the registration process is to start brainstorming what classes you want/have to take next.

It is important to note that most classes will remain remote or online similar to this term. However, there will be some classes on campus this winter term with the COVID-19 safety protocols in place.

You can look at classes and see their status right now by clicking here.

For new students, call CAP services at 541-383-7200 to schedule an appointment and find an advisor.

For returning students, log into your Bobcat Web Account and select Student Services & Financial Aid. Once you’ve done that, click on the register button and then click on Can I Register for Credit Classes and Winter 2021. After all of those steps, you will find your academic advisor and their contact information. With this information, you can set up an appointment with your counselor, so by the time your registration date comes around, you will be ready.

For current students: the start of Registration for winter term begins Nov. 16 through the 20. For new, transfer, and returning students pursuing a degree: Registration begins Nov. 23.  On Nov. 30, Registration will start for students not seeking a degree at COCC.

Dec. 17 is an early and recommended registration deadline. The official application deadline for current students is Dec. 27, and for new, transfer, and returning students, it is Dec. 30.

Winter term begins right after New Years, with the first day of the term being Jan. 4.

Registration begins next week, so the time to start brainstorming and thinking ahead is now. For more information on the registration process, you can go here.




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