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The sights, hikes, and history of Smith Rock – Photo Gallery

From its beautiful views, to its rich history, Smith Rock has something for everybody.

Roman Russell/The Broadside

As winter gets closer, the pandemic rages onward and finals week approaches, it is important to remember to go outside, take a walk and get some fresh air.

Living in Central Oregon, there are tons of beautiful sights just around the corner, one of which is Smith Rock. From the beautiful sights, to the variety of hikes in the area, Smith Rock has something for everybody.

The history behind the area is unclear, with different stories surrounding its discovery. Some records say it was discovered by and named after the Linn County Sheriff John Smith, while other records say a soldier named Smith fell to his death off of the landmark while his unit camped nearby.

Regardless, the area is famous. Not just for its majestic size or views, but for being the birthplace of sport climbing in the US. Smith Rock has attracted climbers from all over who have found almost 2000 different ways to climb to the top.

Whether coming for adventure or for leisure, Smith Rock is a wonderful experience for everybody. Just remember to bring a jacket.



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