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Still having money troubles? COCC announces COVID-19 Student Fund

2020 has been a trying year for many Central Oregon Community College students. Many have lost their jobs, go on unemployment and have lost homes too. 

To help mitigate some of these problems, Alica Moore, the Vice President of Student Affairs, has announced that COCC has established a COVID-19 fund for students. 

“COCC is pleased to share that we have established the COVID-19 Fund to help students with financial challenges related directly to the coronavirus, including expanded internet access, financial support due to the loss of a job or housing, technology, or childcare expenses, just to name a few.” 

According to Moore, to be eligible for this fund, students must be enrolled and have at least three credits during the third week of school. Students can request up to $1,000 per term. However, funds are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

In an email to students, Moore also wrote that the school is to help its students in this challenging time and not hesitate to send any questions about the fund. 

If you are a student and would like to apply for the COVID-19 Fund, click on the hyperlink here to get the funds you need. 



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