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Oktoberfest spreads alcohol awareness at COCC Residence Hall

By Dylan Moreno | The Broadside (Contact:

Oktoberfest in other areas might be an excuse to drink beer, consume authentic German cuisine, and have a great time, but Central Oregon Community College’s Addiction Studies club chose to spread awareness of alcoholism through the event on Oct. 19.

“I don’t think people understand how much alcohol actually affects you,” said COCC student Ian Mcmahon, referring to the long-term consequences to one’s health.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can support that statement. Excessive drinking can harm your health. According to the CDC, from 2006 to 2010, there were roughly 88,000 deaths due to alcohol abuse in the United States.

Another student who attended, Chole Rowe, expressed that alcohol awareness is a serious issue and it is important to spread awareness through education,“It  is the best way to let them know.” The event was hosted and organized by COCC Student Life staff members including Melissa Merryman and Gordon Price.

To demonstrate how vision and motor control is affected while under the influence, Campus Security provided specialized goggles for attendees to try. Guests would be asked to use the goggles while also trying to walk with a straight line, with little success.

Julie Nye, a member of the Addiction Studies Club at COCC, was there to answer students’ questions about alcohol or substance abuse.“We’re being proactive with our friends and the community with events like this,” she said.

Local business owner and COCC business instructor Sue Meyer, also attended the event to talk about Oregon’s Medical Amnesty Law.

The Medical Amnesty Policy protects underage drinkers from being charged with a “Minor in Possession” (MIP) violation when they seek medical attention for themselves or others who might be suffering from alcohol poisoning.

Meyer was also giving out information on the statistics of minors abusing alcohol.

Price, not only was a host of the event, he also sang with the band F’n’A at the event.

When Price finished his performance, he began to talk about the danger of alcohol abuse. “Without a doubt, there’s definitely concern about alcohol use, alcohol abuse that leads to a lot of  other behavioral problems,” he said.“It’s a national problem, not just on college campuses. Alcohol abuse causes a lot of monetary, physical, and relationship consequences.” ■



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