Create it. Do it. Share it: The Bend Joy Project


The Bend JOY Project focuses on three basic concepts: Create it. Do it. Share it.

The lesson behind the “Create it” concept is to create generous actions or deeds for others that will bring others joy, and it can all take the sum of a few seconds.

The Bend Joy Project describes the concept of “Do it” best: “Do that thing, and capture it. Keep noticing and generating joy. What if the Bend JOY Project could touch and inspire goodwill in every single person in our community,”Are you quoting the website? yes

The “Share it” concept involves social media, share the Bend Joy Project with the #BendJoyProject, so that this local project can be shared at any time and place to many different individuals.

“There are 7-10 people that have played a role in creating this initiative and over 200 business have joined in partnership including many media partners” said Noelle Fredland, one of the creators of this project. This relatively new project started up late Dec. and the beginning of Jan. 2017.

This relatively new project started up late Dec. and the beginning of Jan. 2017. In helping create this project, 7-10 people “played a role in creating this initiative” as well as over 200 local businesses joining in on advocating this project according to Noelle Fredland, one of the creators of this project.

The JOY Project is not targeting a specific age range, but if they inspire more children to create a kind and loving community atmosphere, they would consider that a success.

“The project is an Old Mill District Initiative, however the emphasis is to be on the messaging and the Bend Community. This community kindness initiative is a challenge, a conversation, an opportunity, an experiment and a mission to bring joy in small, meaningful ways to keep our community happy, strong and beautiful. The idea is simple; to share and inspire joy in the community,” Fredland explained.

Their main goal of the project is to inspire others with joy in the community.

“This is an invitation to join in recognizing and sharing joy. Kind words, generous actions, small deeds…they all count. Just share the moments that make you happiest and see how contagious kindness can be #BendJoyProject,” said Freeland.

The Bend JOY Project has its own website including being featured on various websites, Facebook page, and Instagram. From billboards, to signs around town, to action-oriented cards that help spread joy in Bend, The Bend Joy Project has surrounded the community..

There are 50 different action-oriented cards around Bend for people to pick up and use.The project is moving towards downloadable graphics such as the action-oriented cards so that others can create their own. This can be done at their website, where the community can get involved and  share their ideas and thoughts.


Katya Agatucci | The Broadside



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