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Student views: 2016 Election Results

What changes do you believe will be brought to our country? 

By Bobbie Towery | The Broadside


“I believe that our people will start to care about the outcome of our country once again. For better or for worse our country is united. Yes there are riots, yes there are bigots, but we are connected in action. We have stopped accepting what is given to us. We are being vocal, being active and being involved. As far as changes, well that is up to us the people, to make these changes, to write to our congressmen and women to start a petition, march on your local governing office to protest an unjust law peacefully. For change to happen we must act. The people on the top of the hill do not run our lives; the ones in your neighborhood do that. Get active!” – Alexander Larsson, student
“Honestly, it could go either way. It’s too early to tell at this point. I’m hoping that none of the progress made by the Obama administration is torn down by this new president.” -Bethany Hanson, student
“I believe some level of repeal of Obamacare will happen. We now have a Republican majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives, as well as Republican president. It’s not so much that Trump will be able to do what he wants but more so that it will be easier for big campaign promises to be kept. This is a positive for my family, my mother lost her job because of Obamacare cost. She couldn’t make ends meet.” – Scott Proud, student
“I think there will be bigger changes with the economy and more healing with things that were torn apart. I think there will be more job opportunities for people and that things will actually turn around. Things I want to see are fewer veterans on the streets, more jobs for people, and Obamacare to completely go away. Some people are 100% against these things but the people finally spoke up and chose Trump for president. I also want to see the protesting to go away. It’s time for people to grow up.” – Kiana Dixon, student
“Trump is unintelligent and a bigot. My family doesn’t like Obamacare and would love to see it repealed. People who control the votes are the majority. Having a Republican-controlled Senate, House of Representatives and a Republican president will make things easier in the sense that the red tape is not what stands between things changing, but not so much will change. The Democrats will try to stalemate everything the Republicans try to do. There is already more tension in minority communities and it’s only going to get worse.” – Kenny Ziegler, student

We asked, students voted: What do you think the top three priorities should be for Trump?




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