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Meet the ASCOCC candidates

Lee Heckman
has been involved
with ASCOCC since
starting at COCC.
Heckman is currently
the assistant
for organizations and
events and applied for vice president of
student affairs.
While working in student government,
Heckman noticed that there is
a lot of money available for students
that is not being used. Specifically, he
is interested in making the Professional
Development Fund known to department
heads so that they can, in turn,
inform their students about it.
When Heckman considered running
for Vice President of Student Affairs, he
said: “I didn’t think I would be able to put
my name up all over campus saying,
‘Vote for Lee.’ I don’t want to tell people
who they should vote for.”
Because of his experience, Heckman
said he would be able to jump right
into the position.
Conner Westover
applied for ASCOCC
president. Westover
has been working
as the ASCOCC coordinator
of student
organizations and
has gained leadership experience in
that role.
“I’ve gotten to meet a lot of people
from all walks of life. I have a general
understanding of what people want. I
feel like I would be a great person to
represent a lot of the voices on campus,”
said Westover.
Westover is currently a business
major, but said he will soon switch over
to computer science. Westover believes
his interest in computers would carry
over to the ASCOCC president position.
He has observed that the COCC offices
do not take full advantage of its website
or digital resources. His goal is to update
the offices and move away from using
as much paper.
In the end, Westover is mostly
interested in “taking things one day at a
time” and making people feel close to
the school.
After Jorilynn Messner
realized that the student
council is “right up
her alley,” she decided to
run for vice president for
Legislative Affairs.
Messner is majoring
in Anthropology with a minor in Political
Science. She has long been interested
in the different workings of government
and would eventually like to work with
the United Nations. Vice President for
Legislative Affairs is a chance for her to
learn more through experience.
Messner already has many ideas
and goals for this coming year. She
would like to give other students more
opportunities to get involved in politics
and wants to promote an app system
called LiveSafe, which is a mobile app
for college campuses that has many
uses. LiveSafe is mostly for reporting
crimes and suspicious behavior to college
authorities or the police.
Jorilynn Messner said she is looking
forward to implementing these ideas.
“One of my talents is to learn really
fast and get a lot done. I’m definitely
not one to beat around the bush,” said


Elizabeth Schniepp | The Broadside



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