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Brayan’s how to guide for everything: Don’t lose who you are

Leaving home for the first time can
be one of the most terrifying and exciting
We get to finally be independant
and make our own decisions and
more often than not, our own mistakes.
We get to reinvent ourselves
and start with a clean slate as if someone
hit the reset button and suddenly
everything you did growing up and in
high school doesn’t matter anymore.
However, is the midst of all this
change and all this opportunities, as
still growing young adults we need to
remember the person inside is what
makes the world a difference.
For this issue of the Students Guide
for Everything, I will give you some tips
on how to balance your new self while
still keeping what makes you, you.
#1: Don’t be afraid to be sentimental:
When September comes around
and you’re packing to leave for school,
don’t be afraid to take with you the
blanket, or teddy bear, or action figure
or race car you had growing up.
Take it as a memento to remind you
of where you come from and where
your roots are.
#2: It’s okay, take some time:
When you’re finally out on your own,
and you find yourself feeling lost; take
some time. Everyone knows moving
and being on your own for the first
time is an adjustment. Take some time
to get to a place where your comfortable
and okay with the situation and
then go out and explore your new surrounding.
#3: No may be the way to go:
We’ve all been there, we make new
friends in a new area and then suddenly
we find ourselves going along
with whatever they want just because
we want to fit it. Its okay to say no,
and its okay to stop and not be part of
the crowd.
#4: Be spontaneous: if you find
yourself with nothing to do, and you’re
already at a place where you’re okay
with being on your own. Be spontaneous
and do something fun, its a great
way to loosen up and start to enjoy
what it means to be growing up.
#5: Stay Connected: In today’s
world we have Skype, Facebook,
Facetime and many other forms of
social media at our disposal. Don’t be
afraid to use them and stay connected
with family and friends. Nobody is going
to judge you for calling your mom
for the simple reason that you wanted
to talk to her.
Until next time, Just remember to
keep it safe, keep it fun and keep it
classy, but above all remember to always
Treat Yo Self!
Now, for the eighth entry in the series
of Guy-code and Girl-code, The
guide to Today’s Young People:
#8: If you catch your girlfriend flirting
with another dude on purpose
and in full awareness of you , you are
permitted to go over to her mother’s
house 3 times a week and aimlessly
flirt with her mother or her sisters until
your girlfriend gets the point that is not
okay. #GUYCODE
#8: Look out for her before she
makes a fool of herself in front of the
entire world. This means telling her if
she has lipstick on her teeth or food
stuck in between them, hair looking
like Simba from Lion King, skin appears
dry, t-zone getting too oily, or
she has toilet paper stuck to her back
Now fellow Bobcats, if you have
any suggestions for the next issue of
Students How to guide for everything,
Or if you have any tips please send
me an email, until next time keep it


Brayan Gonzalez | The Broadside



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