Saving Grace is Taking Back the Night


As part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Saving Grace and
COCC Campus Public Safety presented Take Back the Night at the
Old Mill District. Saving Grace is an organization that provides sexual
assault and violence services and promotes freedom from violence.
The Take Back the Night event was held to raise awareness about
sexual assault in the community. The event had a series of booths or
stations designed to educate people about sexual violence.
Station 1: Healthy Relationships had cards with statements on them
and you had to determine if they are myth or fact.
Station 2: What is Sexual Assault, you had to recognize what sexual
assault is.
Station 3: It’s a community Issue, was about statistics.
Station 4: Speak Out! Silence Hides Violence was about how to
speak out against sexual violence
After completing each station the person running the station would
initial a booklet you receive after arriving at the door. When finished
guests then would put the booklet in a collection bin for a drawing.
To contact Saving Grace, visit their website at www.saving-grace.


Will Nye | The Broadside


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