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Equal Pay Day

A woman earns approximately 77 cents
for every dollar a man earns, according to
the American Association of University
Women. What this means for women is that
it takes an extra three months of wages to
make up the nearly 23 percent difference.
Equal Pay Day, on April 14, marks how far
into a year women must work to earn what
men earned in the previous year.
What is possibly more concerning than
those statistics, is that the pay gap has barely
budged in over a decade, according to
This pay gap affects all women but most
dramatically women of color. According to
the AAUW, Hispanic women’s salaries are
typically only 54 percent of a white man’s
Luckily there are things that can be done
to combat this unequal pay. One of those
comes down to women learning strategies
and learn how to better negotiate for fair
pay. According to the AAUW, improved
negotiation skills will help close the pay
gap. AAUW hosts start smart salary negotiation
workshops all throughout the US so
go to and find out how to get more


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