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Voting Ballots Are Here And Ready … Are You?

Do you know what’s on the ballot? In the 1960’s people died for the right to vote. Even today in parts of the world certain demographics are still not afforded this right. However, in recent elections, statistics have shown record low voter numbers.
Voter demographic trends published by the U.S. Census Bureau continue to show that voting rates increase with age. Those statistics also show that voting numbers are higher in presidential election years. That said, in the 2012 presidential election only 38 percent of eligible individuals ages 18-24 voted. That’s down from a little over 45 percent in the 2008 presidential elections.
The lack of apathy for elections is not only alarming but will affect your pocketbook.
Your vote matters. Politicians continually make decisions about higher education costs and student loan policies. These are decisions that will affect your pocketbook.
Politicians need students voices in order to address students needs. If you’re not voting you’re handing your voice to someone else to speak for you.
History proves elections can be decided by only a handful of votes. Submitting your ballot could be the deciding factor in preventing elections from being left to chance.
Over the past years, the Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College’s Vote OR Vote campaign has registered record numbers of students to vote. Getting registered voters from the college age demographic is a giant step in the right direction. However, registering is only the first step.
It’s up to you, the students, to follow through and submit those ballots.
It’s easy to believe that your single vote couldn’t possibly make a dent in the overall elections. However, with 10,565 credit seeking students at COCC,according to the COCC 2013-14 annual enrollment report, imagine if every eligible student chose not to vote.
Speak for yourself, exercise your right and on November 4, get out and vote.

Molly Svendsen | The Broadside



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