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Students go back to the basics to study building blocks of design

Katie Culbertson

Cody Jenkins

5Debbie Bolf

5Danny Jumper

These images were made by COCC students in a Black and White Basic Design class. One of the key goals of the class is to give students an opportunity to explore the vocabulary of design. This was done through specific projects tailored to develop skills in understanding such things as repetition, values, positive/negative shapes, line quality, patterns, texture, organic/geometric forms, perspective, overlapping forms, scale, symmetry/asymmetry, unity, variety and balance. Cultural and historical references that use such design elements were also an integral part of the class. The students were also given a midterm with the theme of the “Day of the Dead” and a final on the subject of “Abundance.” Students were required to interpret these projects in their own creative way, write a paper explaining their ideas and what design elements they used, and do a class presentation.

Paul Bennett
Fine Arts & Communication



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