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Fly Fishing festival

The Bend Fly Fishing Festival was an event put on to bring together the different aspects of the fly fishing community. The festival was put on and organized by Bend Casting Clinic. The event was a chance for local fly shops to gather and share expertise with festivalgoers. Confluence Fly Shop out of Bend and The Fly Fisher’s Place based out of Sisters were both giving displays of different techniques in casting and fly tying. Jeremiah Houle of Confluence Fly Shop was giving casting clinics every hour and showing guests how to improve techniques using a two handed rod, while guides from The Fly Fisher’s Place was giving lessons on casting using a one handed rod. Fishing guides and employees of both fly shops were also giving presentations on fly tying as well as the insight into the methodology of the process. Local artists Brad Emery and Tye E. Krueger both had displays of their respective works. Brad Emery is a wood carver who carves fish to a lifelike finish was present with a variety of species of trout as is specialty. Tye E. Krueger in association with Confluence Fly Shop creates very intricate and detailed paintings of a large assortment of species of fish. Each one of his paintings is taken and painted in the exact likeness of an actual fish that Mr. Krueger caught himself. The festival was also filled with films about topics including water issues and fly-fishing videos, or “fish porn” as it is sometimes referred to. The Fly Fishing Festival was a chance for like-minded individuals and fly fishermen as a whole to get together learn a little about the different aspects of fly fishing as well as the chance to see the history and evolution of the activity.

Cullen Taylor | The Broadside



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