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Top Five breakfast burritos within five miles of COCC for five dollars

A truly delicious breakfast burrito is not only delicious at breakfast, but at lunch, dinner and three in the morning. Whether you’re grabbing one of these on the way to class or on the way home, it’s the perfect way to satisfy that primal need for cholesterol, starch and pig flesh.

Taco Salsa, Molly
Taco Salsa
Located only a short distance from campus, Taco Salsa offers up a burrito packed with scrambled eggs, potatoes, and bacon to satisfy all your breakfast cravings. But we recommend you get this option at the drive-thru; the restaurant is cold and usually somewhat empty.
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Strictly Organic
If you’re willing to pay an extra dollar or two, Strictly Organic is a more gourmet option where you can choose a wrap of wheat, flour, rice or gluten-free teff, an Ethiopian grain. If you exit the 97 on Colorado, they’ll be right on your way to school.

Lonboard Louie's, Darwin
Longboard Louie’s
Though Longboard Louie’s five dollar breakfast burrito is delicious with its standard ingredients–eggs, hash browns, cheese, fresh salsa, sour cream, and pinto beans–what puts Louie’s above the rest is the options. For 50 cents, a hungry student can add chile relleno, fajita veggies, sausage, chorizo, bacon, steak or turkey sausage. To further tantalize the palate, Louie’s offers three kinds of red sauce, two green, two tomatillo sauces, a black bean corn salsa, and a mango salsa.
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Rigoberto’s has found the heavenly ratio of eggs to bacon to cheese to beans in their breakfast burrito, and a good ratio is everything. Too many potatoes make a burrito too starchy, too many eggs make it too hot and wet, and too much cheese is just gross. Too much bacon is obviously never any sort of issue, and Rigoberto’s doesn’t skimp on that front.

Super Burrito, Scott
Super Burrito
Whether you’re a ham, chorizo, or bacon breakfast burrito kind of person, you’ll find your fix at Super Burrito with no extra charge no matter what you choose. It’s a perfect place to go hang out with friends inside or on the patio and if you come from the Revere exit, it’s directly on your way to school. Just plan an extra ten minutes: Magic like that doesn’t happen too fast.
Photo by Scott Greenstone



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