Top 5: Ways to feel at home on campus

Clubs (Stock photo)
Join a club. Want to find someone to play Halo Wars or Magic: The Gathering with? Join the gaming club. Want to learn about other cultures? Join the Latino Club or First Nation Student Union. Interested in catching ghosts on your free time? Join the Research and Investigation of the Paranormal club. This year’s list of running clubs includes the Math Club, the Drum Club, the Middle Ages Activity Club and many others. Talk to ASCOCC in the Campus Center for info on joining clubs.
Multicultural center
Hang out in the Multicultural Center. Many clubs hold meetings in the multicultural center so it is a great place to meet new people, practice your Spanish skills, and learn about all the fun events happening on campus.
Student ambassador
Become a student ambassador. Ambassadors give campus tours for new students, assist with student activities on campus, and get paid for doing it. Contact Drew Jones at or in the Campus Center to learn more and become a student ambassador.








Go to an ASCOCC event (Noah)
Get out of the house and go to an ASCOCC event. Every year, ASCOCC hosts blood drives, bowling nights, skating and other free events for students. These events are a great way to get out, meet friends or singles, and do something fun on or off campus.







Broadside Window
Work at The Broadside. Just about any program requires skills you can practice–for pay–at The Broadside. If you are interested in multimedia, writing, photography, ad sales or design, The Broadside is the place to go to get paid job training.



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