Kebaba: Affordable, exotic food close to campus

Kebaba (Kiley Cunningham)
Kebaba, located downtown in Bend, offers affordable Middle Eastern cuisine. Photo by Kiley Cunningham | The Broadside

Small in size but immeasurable in taste, Kebaba emphasizes modern Middle Eastern cuisine that enhances the Bend culinary scene.

Kebaba has mastered finding the perfect balance between delectable food and a piece of artwork. As strange as that sounds, taking a good look at the meals they set upon the plate will show you just what that statement entails. Operating out of a renovated house on the corner of 12th Street and Newport Avenue, this hole-in-the wall restaurant is no “La Folie”, but it will still catch your eye.

Upon entering, diners are greeted with a blast of indie-rock music and a smile from the host. Menus are located at the front ordering line, next to which sits a whiteboard announcing the special of the moment and a cooler with a selection of sodas and local brews.

The menus vary by time of day. You can choose from an array of different items, including appetizers, soups, salads, and pita wraps. There are also many vegetarian and vegan options. Two of the most ordered foods on their menu are the chicken schwarma and falafels.

For students looking for something small, filling, and cheap, falafels are the perfect choice. The plate includes three patties made with organic chickpeas that give you flavor from start to finish, with a hint of spice and a bit of tanginess from the tahini. This appetizer runs about $4.95, a fantastic price for a snack or small meal.

Tangy is definitely an ongoing theme throughout their menu, the next most popular item, the chicken schwarma, may be a bit overpowering with its tart and tangy insides. At a decent price of $7.25 this pita wrap may just be the next food network star dish. Spice roasted chicken, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, sliced cucumber, and pickled onion wrapped up in a pita, covered in homemade garlic sauce and cut in half for the diner. Be sure to grab plenty of napkins because this is the messiest food I’ve ever eaten. The taste however, is very rewarding and worth the mess.

There is a self-bussing area located at the front right corner of the restaurant and when ordering, you pay up front, so there is no waiting for a check. You may also seat yourself wherever, be it inside at their cramped but homey tables or out on their patio dining area.

Close to the campus, fairly affordable, healthy, and with a student-friendly atmosphere, Kebaba is the perfect place for after-class eating.


Location: 1004 Newport Avenue, Bend

Hours: 7 days a week, 11am-close

Contact: (541) 318.6224

Pricing: Meals, $4-$10 (add a side and drink for an extra $2) ~ Sides, $1-$4.75

–Kiley Cunningham

The Broadside



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